Green Way Recycling - Doug Mangie Ripped ME Off

Henderson, Nevada 0 comments
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Doug Mangie, who owns Green Way Recycling located at 41 Voltaire Ave, HENDERSON, NV had me clean his home located in Paradise Hills, HENDERSON, NV.The 1st time he was not their to pay me, the 2nd visit which he ASKED ME to come back he gave me a check that was BAD bank couldn't run it because his account was red flagged.

I am so honest I found a diamond at least a karat on flr and gave it to his brother. Just to get ripped off date of bad check 9/14/10. He kept promising to pay ($400 total for 2 cleans - house was huge & a mess) then just stopped taking my calls.

LOSER!!!!!!I have a family who needs to eat you big FAT ***!!!!

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